How to choose a Diamond refrigerator or freezer?

Find out how to make the perfect choice for your Diamond refrigerator or freezer cabinet. Thanks to our 5 essential criteria, optimize the preservation of your products while saving energy.
how to choose a diamond refrigerator or freezer cabinet

Diamond is a benchmark in refrigeration solutions, offering a range of equipment adapted to the needs and expectations of different professional sectors such as catering, patisserie, ice cream, pizzerias and takeaways. When it comes to choosing a Diamond refrigerated or freezer cabinet, there are several criteria to consider to ensure you make the best choice.

In this article, we present 5 essential criteria to guide you in your selection.

Key points to remember :

  • Take into account the operating temperature: positive cold or negative cold.
  • Choose the type of cold generated: static cold or ventilated cold.
  • Select the right capacity for your storage needs.
  • Take into account the climate class according to the temperature of your kitchen.
  • Opt for an efficient energy class to reduce energy consumption.

Operating temperature

Before choosing your Diamond refrigerator or freezer cabinet, it’s essential to determine the operating temperature you need. Do you opt for positive cold to preserve your fresh produce or negative cold to freeze your food? Make the right choice for your specific needs.

Positive cold

Positive cold is ideal for preserving food by slowing down microbial growth. It maintains a set temperature between 2°C and 8°C, ideal for preserving fresh produce under optimum conditions.

Negative cold

Negative cold is used to freeze and store frozen and deep-frozen foods. Its temperature is below -2°C, and can go as low as -30°C for long-term storage.

Type of cooling generated

The type of cold generated by your refrigerated cabinet is a determining factor in the quality of your products’ preservation. Static cooling provides even temperature distribution, while ventilated cooling ensures better air circulation and longer shelf life. Choose the one that best meets your requirements.

Static cold

With static cooling,air circulates freely through the refrigeration cabinet. It preserves food without drying it out, but the temperature may be less uniform than in ventilated models.

Ventilated cooling

Ventilated cooling, with a fan, ensures better distribution of cold in the cabinet. This optimizes food preservation, enabling storage times to be tripled. Ideal for intensive use in professional kitchens.

Cabinet capacity

Refrigeration cabinet capacity is an important consideration for foodservice professionals. Select the right capacity for your storage needs, taking into account the volume of products you handle daily and the type of grid you use.

Adapt capacity to your needs

Diamond refrigerated cabinets are available in a range of capacities, from 400 L to 2500 L. Choose the capacity according to the quantity of products you wish to store and the type of grid used(Euronorm 600/400, 600/800 or Gastronorm GN1/1 or GN2/1).

Climate class

The climate class of your Diamond refrigeration cabinet determines its performance in relation to the ambient temperature. For optimum performance, choose the climate class that corresponds to the temperature of your kitchen or the room where the cabinet will be installed.

Select the appropriate climate class

The climate class corresponds to the temperature conditions for which the refrigeration appliance has been designed. Make your choice according to the temperature of the room or kitchen where your refrigerator or freezer cabinet will be located.

  • Class 1: 16°C – 80% humidity
  • Class 2: 22°C – 85% humidity
  • Class 3: 25°C – 60% humidity
  • Class 4: 30°C – 55% humidity
  • Class 5: 40°C – 40% humidity
  • Class 6: 27°C – 70% humidity

Energy class

Energy class is the key to saving energy and reducing costs. Make the smart choice of an efficient energy class for long-term savings and environmental protection.

Choose an efficient energy class

The choice of energy class is crucial to reducing the energy consumption of your Diamond refrigeration unit. Although more efficient climate classes require a higher initial investment, they deliver long-term savings.


To choose the Diamond refrigerator or freezer that perfectly meets your needs, consider operating temperature, type of cold generated, capacity, climate class and energy class. These criteria will help you maximize the shelf life of your products and optimize energy consumption. Find all our Diamond refrigerated cabinets on our website.


1. What types of establishment can benefit from Diamond refrigerated cabinets?

Diamond refrigerated cabinets are suitable for a variety of catering establishments, from pastry shops and ice cream shops to pizzerias and takeaways.

2. What’s the difference between static and ventilated cooling?

Static cooling allows air to circulate freely, while ventilated cooling uses a fan to distribute the cold more evenly throughout the cabinet.

3. What is the recommended capacity for a professional kitchen?

The ideal capacity depends on the quantity of products to be stored and the type of grid used.

4. How do I know which climate class to choose?

Choose the climate class according to the temperature of the room or kitchen where the cabinet will be installed.

5. Are Diamond refrigeration units energy-efficient?

Yes, Diamond offers refrigeration cabinets with efficient energy classes to reduce energy consumption.

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