The benefits of refrigerated display cases in the foodservice sector

Discover how refrigerated display cases can transform your food establishment by providing irresistible exposure for your fresh produce, while improving energy efficiency and organizational ease. Make your business a real pleasure for your customers’ eyes and taste buds.
Display counter with food inside

Food-related establishments, such as cafés, bakeries and even supermarkets, generally have numerous refrigerated shelves to preserve the quality of their food products. They sometimes use these shelves to store tools and equipment useful for their regular culinary operations.

For food companies, a wide range of refrigerated units and shelves is available. However, refrigerated display cases are a type of storage from which these companies can benefit most. These refrigerators are designed to display and maintain specific food products at low temperatures. Refrigerated display cabinets are often used to store cold foods, drinks and desserts. However, some display cabinets can also accommodate other culinary items, such as meat, seafood, cakes, dairy products and vegetables.

The advantages of a refrigerated display case described below make it a crucial element if you own a food business.

Points to remember :

  • Optimum product exposure
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Better organization
  • Easy maintenance

1. Outstanding product view

Customers are attracted to food products when they are freshly displayed. Fortunately, refrigerated display cases feature fantastic lighting and transparent glass, so customers can see your products and decide whether to buy them. Thanks to the exemplary display of your products, these showcases can even help your food business boost sales. After all, many customers make last-minute decisions in front of refrigerated display cases.

2. Better efficiency

Installing a refrigerated display case can significantly reduce energy consumption compared with other refrigeration and display devices. As mentioned above, refrigerated display cases are fitted with clear glass visible to customers. In addition, a refrigerated display case can present products to customers without the need to open the door, thus saving energy and maintaining the interior temperature of the storage device.

3. Better organization

The main advantage of refrigerated display cases is that they enable companies to store and arrange their products in an elegant way. These display cases usually allow you to see the remaining stock of the product without having to open the door. You only have to open the door if you need to completely replace the stock of a specific item. In addition to replenishing your inventory, you can organize your products attractively and neatly, as customers will constantly see them. When your products are well organized, your buyers are more likely to buy them.

4. Less maintenance required

Refrigerated display cabinets are easy to maintain and clean thanks to their design and construction. Glass is often used in refrigerated display cases, making it easy to spot stains and other marks on surfaces. When dirt is discovered, it can be easily removed by wiping with a cloth soaked in cleaning solution. Thanks to glass, defective products can also be quickly disposed of.

Your food business can thrive and succeed if you use refrigerated display cases. They give your customers an excellent view of your new products and encourage them to buy them. They help you increase sales and offer the simplicity you need in terms of maintenance, storage and access. If you’re thinking of purchasing a refrigerated display case for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Continental Equipment. You can also find out more about our services here.


1. Are refrigerated display cases essential for food companies?

Yes, refrigerated display cases are essential for food businesses, as they enable fresh produce to be stored and attractively displayed for customers.

2. What types of products can be stored in refrigerated display cases?

Refrigerated display cabinets can be used to store a variety of products, such as cold foods, beverages, desserts, meat, seafood, cakes, dairy products and vegetables.

3. How do refrigerated display cases help boost sales?

Refrigerated display cases offer an excellent view of fresh produce, attracting customers’ attention and prompting them to buy on impulse.

4. How to maintain and clean refrigerated display cases?

Refrigerated display cabinets are easy to maintain and clean. The clear glass makes it easy to spot stains, which can be wiped away with a cloth soaked in cleaning solution.

5. Where can I find quality refrigerated display cases for my business?

You can find quality refrigerated display cases at Continental Equipment, specialist in Horeca equipment in Belgium. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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